Experiencing challenges is inevitable, however we believe inner strength, resilience, and fortitude is built within us all. Sarah Hollebon seeks to educate and to stimulate positive dialogue in order to abolish stigma and misconceptions on what can be uncomfortable topics.



Sarah Hollebon is a rising British fashion designer with a mission to open up the conversation on social issues. Areas we are currently focusing on are mental ill health, trauma, and sexual violence.

People‚Äôs real experiences, challenges, and strengths, where some are extremely deep rooted, are visually highlighted in each garment produced. Located on Kingly Street in Carnaby London, each garment is handmade in-house, offering either bespoke, custom made, or limited editions. 

With a background in traditional bespoke tailoring and trained by Savile Row tailors, it is imperative that every garment we create is of the highest quality.

 Sarah is also a mental health activist and public speaker. Sarah gives talks covering a broad range of mental health topics.  You can book her as a speaker through Speakers Collective.




26 Kingly Street, Studio 11, London,  W1B 5QD

Tel: 07727940262

E: info@sarahhollebon.co.uk



Photo credits 

Ari&Lucy Photography