Boundaries and Beyond

Boundaries and Beyond – Espacio Gallery, London






“Some people love having rules, because they know what is expected, how they should behave, and what standards are in place.  Others hate rules because they feel trapped and confined by regulations. Some say that boundaries are crucial for all kinds of creativity while to others just the thought of it would send a shiver up their spine.”

Sarah’s work focuses on breaking down the boundaries of society’s perception of mental health. We must go beyond the boundaries of comfort, to educate and to develop ourselves until our dialogue on mental health is nothing but a positive subject.

Sarah exhibited outfits Anxiety and Depression at Espacio Gallery and she also devised and captured a live ‘social experiment’ at the private viewing.


Exhibition curated by Carlos de Lins. 

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Model: Alvina Malvina
Hair and Make Up Artist: Beth Mckendrick

Espacio Gallery
Carlos de Lins