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Mental Health

The Mental Health collection explores 7 mental health conditions, donating a percentage to Young Minds Charity. Highlighting lived experiences, the collection raises awareness of the realities people deal with living alongside a mental health condition. People do struggle to talk openly due to stigma, misconceptions, and preconceived judgements. Each garment opens up the conversation to reduce and rectify misconceptions whilst creating a space for compassion, joy, and positive wellbeing. 

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"When I wear my mental health awareness skirt it speaks to me and the complex flow of emotions we all experience every day – one minute , confident and open and the next vulnerable and wanting to hide from the world. The skirt is beautifully raw and unfinished which speaks to the fact that we are all a work in progress and the rough edges and slashing of the fabric speak to the pain we all experience in moments and phases of our lives. I adore pieces like this that speak to my inner voice." Russell Amerasekera


Marissa Charles

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