During the consultation, we will look through the bespoke collection and note which design details you like, produce a draft sketch, and customise your unique garment to suit your specific needs. 














 Customising involves choosing colour palette, a vast selection of fabrics inhouse or outsourced, trimmings, and gaining an in-depth understanding about you and your lifestyle.








 Bespoke requires 18 body measurements and a minimum of 3 fittings to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. Whereas Made to Measure requires only 10 measurements.










 During your consultation, a quote or an estimate is prepared.  A deposit of 50% is required to begin the process of your bespoke garment. Upon receipt, your pattern will be drafted within 48 hours as your shape will be fresh in the tailor/designer’s mind.









 Sneaking a peek… inside a customer’s garment.








To book your consultation, please email Sarah at:











If you have a unique design you want to bring to life, that is not from our bespoke range, we also offer custom made one offs. View private client portfolio.