Mental Health Awareness

 “Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold (and other precious metals) to repair broken pottery. The ritual is complex, intentional, and contemplative. Upon completion, the once-broken vessels are made whole. They are stronger and possess a different type of beauty than before.”

Sienna Saint-Cyr and Leyna Alexander M.ED


To begin healing after trauma is a complex and intimate process between mind and body.

Sarah held a performance at Never Fade Factory in September 2020 where she spent time slashing a garment into pieces to then gently painting the cracks and mending them back together. The process from harsh to gentle, reflected loosely Sarah’s recovery after enduring trauma.

The words on both jacket and skirt depict the publics response to the question ‘what does mental health mean to you?’ and shows how attitudes are changing towards mental ill health.




“Fashion can often be quite a superficial lens through which we view the world and yet we are all beautiful complex individuals with deep feelings of vulnerability which society all to often encourages us to disguise and hide. Sarah intuitively understands this and that’s why I was so drawn to her work. When I wear my mental health awareness skirt it speaks to me and the complex flow of emotions we all experience every day – one minute , confident and open and the next vulnerable and wanting to hide from the world. The skirt is beautifully raw and unfinished which speaks to the fact that we are all a work in progress and the rough edges and slashing of the fabric speak to the pain we all experience in moments and phases of our lives. I adore pieces like this that speak to my inner voice.” 

Russell Amerasekera – presentation coach, stylist, and interior designer.




The mental health awareness garments are made to order, to purchase please contact




Photo credits 

Photographer – Aidan Cusack 

Photographer – Nick Velasco

Model – Antonia Latz

Model – Chantay Watson