Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

From Sarah’s own experiences with PTSD and through her recovery, the therapy for Sarah consisted of confronting the distressing memory and the attached emotions. As Sarah’s memory was fragmented of the incident, she had to relive the trauma (in a safe environment) by giving a running commentary to her therapist in temporal order. Each time this was happening, she was confronting the emotions that were attached to this incident, thereby, gaining control of the fear and the distressing memory. As Sarah was reliving the trauma many times, she began to have a clear understanding of exactly what had happened thus piecing the fragmented parts of her memory, which is conveyed through the missing panel in the jacket and in the trousers. Gradually this then diminished the shame, the guilt, and the many other emotions attached.  Whilst in recovery,  Sarah managed to develop acceptance over what happened and to not let it define who she was, nor define who she is today.

January 30, 2020