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Campaign - How To Start a Conversation On Mental Health

Updated: Mar 13

Sarah Hollebon created a campaign, in conjunction with Time to Talk Day, to encourage people to talk about mental health.

It shouldn’t have to be hard talking about mental health, but let’s face it, it is.

Due to the stigma, preconceived judgements, discrimination, and throw away comments that STILL take place to this day on mental ill health, it becomes debilitating and certainly does not make you want to open up.

It can be really hard to make that initial step and open up to someone you trust about how you are really feeling inside. So we tend to carry it all ourselves, but it becomes heavy, and low, and dark.

We never really know the full extent of what someone is going through. If we can create that safe and open space for someone to share about what’s really going on for them, how they are really feeling, it can be life changing.

So go on, start that conversation today! It may have more of an impact than you will ever know. It may even save a life.

Together, we can make positive change on mental ill health ❤️


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