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Public Speaking

Do you feel like you can have more creativity in the workplace?

Everyone is creative. Sarah can inspire creativity within your workplace, resulting in improved wellbeing and productivity for your people. 

Using garments at her talks, Sarah offers a unique and captivating experience to visually engage and educate a wide range of audiences from young people to large corporate organisations.

Sarah’s story begins around age 11, and by sharing her challenges and experiences, she believes nurturing creativity daily can help build inner resilience and joy within everyone's lives. "It's been commonly said the right brain is creative and the left brain is logic, I like to think that my talks bridge the gap between the two." 


Sarah's public speaking brings these elements together creating an informative, energetic and an engaging talk in an educational setting, at the office, at the corporate level, or within the community.

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Sarah provides bespoke talks, creating a personal experience for each organisation she works with. 


Sarah can also host an exhibition at your organisation after the talk to continue the conversation of mental health within the workplace. Sarah has exhibited on a national scale across England, in law firms and London galleries to name a few. View current and past exhibitions here.

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Sarah has worked with a range
of organisations including:

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