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Sarah Speaks

Sarah hosted a series of live in conversations with professionals in the fashion industry about mental health. Sarah and her guests covered themes such as 'can fashion be a kinder industry to work in?' and 'Is the fast pace of the fashion industry a contributing factor to people’s mental ill health?'


The series was live streamed on Zoom in 2020, reaching 300+ people across UK, Europe, South Asia, North America, and Central America.

Sarah Speaks was sponsored by Time to Change Kingston, a mental health stigma campaign and ran in conjunction with the mental health awareness day Time to Talk Day.

You can rewatch each conversation below. 

Sarah Speaks... Mental health in the fashion industry with Alison Lowe MBE

Awarded an MBE for Services to the Fashion Industry and named as one of the Maserati 100 for the support she gives the next generation of entrepreneurs, Alison has built a reputation as one of the leading supporters of creative talent and start-up businesses. She is renowned for her practical, realistic approach to running a creative business and has acted as a consultant to brands across the globe from start-ups to established businesses.

Sarah Speaks... Mental health in the fashion industry with Victoria Jenkins

Victoria Jenkins is an adaptive designer and garment technologist with 12.5 years experience in the fashion industry. Victoria is also a disability advocate and a brand ambassador for Models of Diversity. Her adaptive, socially responsible clothing range Unhidden is for people with Disabilities, born out of her own and her communities experiences.

Sarah Speaks... Mental health in the fashion industry with Nafisa Tosh

Nafisa is a couture level fashion designer and maker. Working regularly for international brands on their VIP clients, shoots & their red carpet events throughout a normal year, she also works as a tailor on both editorial and advertising campaigns. Over the last 10 years, Nafisa has also been working with numerous charities doing fashion projects to inspire and offer opportunities to disadvantaged young people within central London. Nafisa hopes to inspire the next generation of people in colour within the fashion industry.

Sarah Speaks... Mental health in the fashion industry with Rosie Minako

Rosie is a strong advocate on women's rights, gender equality and sustainable living. Rosie takes part in multiple community campaigns of different charities as a volunteer, ambassador and spokesperson to channel her advocacies on various international platforms. Rosie also promotes sustainable fashion through modelling and via her own eco-friendly couture brand. As a psychology graduate, Rosie is aware of mental health related issues.

Sarah Speaks... Mental health in the fashion industry with Chantay Watson

Chantay Watson is a London based model who's modelling career first began in August 2020. Since then she has been focusing on developing her expertise in an industry she has always envisioned being in. Since her journey began she has had the pleasure of working alongside incredible creatives at fashion shows, exhibitions and photoshoots.

When she's not modelling Chantay teaches young children with Special Educational Needs and although both jobs do come with their very own challenges Chantay loves that she is able to do both.

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