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Sexual Violence

Fusing mental health, sustainability, and art, Sarah Hollebon worked with multidisciplinary artist and Safeline charity ambassador Daniela Raytchev to create a collaborative statement piece that opens up the conversation on rape and sexual violence.

By choosing challenging subjects and encouraging conversation, Sarah and Daniela hope it will encourage society to be more aware, open, and educated on these issues, whilst eliminating the wrong and extremely damaging terminology/language often used in the media and press surrounding sexual violence. We believe the new piece communicates a powerful message and starts the conversation on a challenging subject. Holding these conversations help begin to normalise the dialogue in society. By doing this Sarah and Daniela hope it will help survivors feel able to open up safely to someone, whether that be a professional, friend, or a family member.



Ofilaye /
Chevy Thompson


Marissa Charles

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Collection Concept

Explore the in-depth concept for the collaborative statement piece raising awareness of Sexual Violence

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