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Sexual Violence Concept

Fusing mental health, sustainability, and art, Sarah Hollebon worked with multidisciplinary artist and Safeline charity ambassador Daniela Raytchev to create a collaborative statement piece that opens up the conversation on rape and sexual violence.

By choosing challenging subjects and encouraging conversation, Sarah and Daniela hope it will encourage society to be more aware, open, and educated on these issues, whilst eliminating the wrong and extremely damaging terminology/language often used in the media and press surrounding sexual violence. We believe the new piece communicates a powerful message and starts the conversation on a challenging subject. Holding these conversations help begin to normalise the dialogue in society. By doing this Sarah and Daniela hope it will help survivors feel able to open up safely to someone, whether that be a professional, friend, or a family member.

Discover below the in-depth concept.



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One side of the jacket represents the turmoil of the trauma and the other side represents the aftermath during recovery. The original artwork is hand painted by Daniela and is based on one of her paintings, where she interviewed a survivor of sexual abuse.


Black ribbons can either be tied or hung loosely from the jacket, representing the process from flashbacks to the willingness to begin opening up and start the journey of recovery.

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The deep red rouching is tucked and folded in, recreating the scars and complex journey one undertakes.

The reverse side of the jacket is plain black woollen fabric showing hints of Daniela’s painting. One can choose to wear/show your inner states of being or not, how much we reveal is up to us and it changes depending on us and our environment. Either way we own our story, and we can create our future, no matter which way we step out.


Sexual Violence 

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