Traumatised Selves

Traumatised Selves – Willesden Gallery, London




“Traumatised Selves explores visual articulations of the impact of trauma on mind, brain, and body. More than a collection of artworks, this exhibition brings together the voices of trauma survivors to occupy our sociocultural scene with narratives that do not shy away from the lived experience of trauma. This collective voice is a testimony not only of the reality and complexity of violence, abuse, and neglect, but also, and more importantly, it is a testimony of resilience and empowerment. We weave out of our vulnerability the strength to confront what society is reluctant to accept and we turn our insight into a stepping stone toward positive change” – Laura E. Fischer

Sarah exhibited, alongside many talented artists, her outfit Post Traumatic Stress Disorder complimented with an illustration by Connor Lawson.


Exhibition curated by Laura E. Fischer

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Laura E. Fischer
Connor Lawson
Willesden Gallery