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Statement Brooches

Inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang. The seamless and continuous flow can provide us with a perfect balance to reach our own harmony, stability, and mental wellbeing.


Our classic brooches are timeless, making the perfect statement accessory to your outfit.


6 Ways To Style Your Brooch

Brooches are a must have staple for you to adorn yourself and your wardrobe. This short video explores the versatility of a brooch. The classic, timeless accessory.


Have fun exploring and being creative with your brooch!


How will you style your brooch? Share your photos and videos with us using the hashtag #SARAHHOLLEBON

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A Statement of

Each brooch is handmade in London by our embroiderer Beth Cole. Beth intricately embroiderers each bead and sequin onto 100% wool felt creating a textured and unique affect.

Our packaging consists of a cardboard box and tissue paper, which are both recyclable. The ribbon is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

Customer Reviews

"I have worn it in so many different ways since I got it. I love it!"

"I purchased my brooch in 2021 as I love the yin and yang concept. Each time I use this accessory differently eg to hold a scarf in place, pinned: to my jacket, on my handbag, or pinned to my hairband when I tie my hairback for the sleek look. This brooch works with an amazing effect, with its clean lines and simple petite design."

Customer Photos