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Custom Made to Measure

Empowering business wear to exceptional statement pieces, Sarah Hollebon celebrates your individuality through skilful tailoring and design.


The process for a custom made to measure garment is a unique experience, with you at the centre. The consultation begins with listening to and discussing your vision and guiding you through fabrics, adornments, and styling. A toile is made focusing on fit and any adjustments before making it in the chosen fabric. All construction is made in-house at Sarah's studio in Carnaby.


Sarah's talent is the ability to weave your personal story into your design to celebrate your life's experiences. A piece of your history woven within, your garment becomes a true one of a kind.

This is your journey beginnings. 


Prices start from £395 (includes fabric)

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Signature Collections

All designs featured in Signature Collections can be custom made to measure for you, as well as weaving in any details or vision you have.

Customer Photos

When I wear my mental health awareness skirt it speaks to me and the complex flow of emotions we all experience every day – one minute , confident and open and the next vulnerable and wanting to hide from the world. The skirt is beautifully raw and unfinished which speaks to the fact that we are all a work in progress and the rough edges and slashing of the fabric speak to the pain we all experience in moments and phases of our lives. I adore pieces like this that speak to my inner voice.


Working closely with you, Sarah can also weave your personal story into the design to celebrate your life experiences. Your garment becomes a piece of your history and a heirloom.

Wearing a representation of your own experiences has therapeutic benefits for owning and overcoming your past. You can wear your new garment as a conversation starter to share your story. Equally should you prefer not to share, you know how special it feels, wearing your story as a pillar of strength and confidence to move through each and every day.

Customer Review: Weaving Their Story

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It was an amazing and artistically enriching experience. The initial conversations about my bipolar disorder required a way of talking about it which could translate into fashion designing. As an artist, I loved talking to Sarah about how it feels, its colours, texture, etc. I also provided Sarah with a couple of own poems which depict my condition. It was like painting a picture in Sarah’s mind.

She listened carefully, which quickly evolved into sketches reflecting our talks. From the very first moment I felt included and in the centre of the process with frequent updates of progress.

Choice of textiles was carefully negotiated with me to ensure it does not trigger any of my sensory issues. Sarah took into consideration all my needs. And made me feel listened and valued.

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The whole process was very quick. The fittings were planned around my availability and it was very straightforward.


The end product is mind blowing. But the way it feels on me, is even more amazing. The dress fits perfectly but also feels so light, like a second skin.


I love how it floats when I move and how special it feels knowing that I’m wearing a piece of my story. A beautiful piece. Knowing that my bipolar disorder is not always ‘pretty’, having a dress inspired by it, is a piece of beauty I will cherish forever.


Thank you Sarah.


Who is Sarah Hollebon?

Sarah understands it's not easy to be vulnerable and share parts of your story. Click the link below to learn more about who Sarah Hollebon is and her background in mental health. 

Custom Made to Measure:
The Process

What to expect at your custom made to measure experience.

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During the consultation, we will discuss your vision. We will talk through the design and silhouette; whether you like any designs from our signature collections, if you desire a more traditional cut, or if you have a unique design idea you wish to bring to life.


If you would like to weave your story into the garment we will begin this conversation at the consultation too.


We will discuss fabrics, colours, adornments, and styling. We will also talk about where you plan to wear your garment.


You will be able to choose from an array of endless fabrics and trimmings such as luxurious silks, soft wools, or sumptuous velvets.


We have a range of inhouse fabrics and can also outsource your fabric.  

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Sarah will take your individual measurements and will watch you move, how you hold yourself, and how you stand.


Your measurements will then be adapted from our block patterns for precise fit.

2-3 fittings is required for new customers. More fittings may be required depending on complexity and intricacy of design. 

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A toile will be created which is the sample garment made from calico or muslin.


This will be tried on during the first few fittings, where the fit, design, and silhouette can be easily tweaked and perfected before cutting into the real fabric.

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Your unique garment will be meticulously created in-house from our Carnaby studio. 

Please allow a minimum of 5-6 weeks for your custom made to measure garment.

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We also offer a bespoke service, consisting of a unique pattern drafted from scratch to the customers measurements for precise fit. There is no limit to the complexity of the design for the garment. Using couture and traditional tailoring techniques, the garment will be created completely by hand.

Please contact Sarah for more info -

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