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Sarah's Story

Designing and creating garments is what feeds my soul, it is a part of who I am. I am consistently drawn to themes that are of a personal nature (whether that be my own experiences or society as a whole) where I can delve deep into my emotions and thoughts to create conceptual and thoughtful garments.


Throughout my life, I have experienced my own personal mental ill-health struggles. Fashion and creativity has been the most beneficial way of helping me cope with this. It is both my solace and joy. I have always felt a strong desire to give back to the mental health sector one day as I was fortunate to receive professional help which saved my life.


When I was working on my final year collection at London College of Fashion, I decided the theme would be on mental ill-health, to raise awareness of mental health conditions, the realities people face daily, and the surrounding stigmas and misconceptions.


My collection naturally formed an open dialogue between people who wanted to unpick the meanings behind each piece, talk about mental health, and sometimes even openly share their own experiences. I realised this was a topic that lies within us all and with an open and safe space, people want to talk about it.


I became inspired to launch my own business in 2019, where the ethos would be to explore and highlight social issues through sculptured handmade garments.

Videos and Podcasts

Learn more about Sarah's mental health story by listening to the videos and podcasts below.


Please note Sarah does talk about a range of mental health topics, including post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, self-harming, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Mentality Meets Sarah Hollebon (S01E14)

Mentality Meets Sarah Hollebon (S01E14)

Sarah Hollebon is a rising British fashion designer with a mission to normalise conversations on social issues. Each collection produced will highlight people’s real experiences and challenges, where some are extremely deep rooted. Located on Kingly Street in Carnaby London, each garment is handmade in-house, constructed to the clients individual shape, using 18 body measurements. With a background in traditional bespoke tailoring and trained by a Savile Row waistcoat tailor, Sarah understands the importance for quality and for precision in every garment.  Sarah is a keen advocate for mental health, she creates positive dialogue and opens up the conversation, on what can be very challenging topics. She campaigns and volunteers for Time to Change, a leader in campaigning to end stigma and discrimination in mental health. As a keen public speaker, Sarah gives talks covering a broad range of mental health topics.  She has spoken at Creative Voices Mind and What’s Going on in Your Head, to name a few. --- Recorded live on 7th May 2020 Hosted by Peter Larkum, Mentality Meets is a weekly online conversation with mental health advocates and experts as we explore stories and strategies on how to change the culture of mental health in the workplace. JOIN US LIVE ➜ Entire Mentality Meets playlist ➜ LINKEDIN ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ WEBSITE ➜
In Conversation with Sarah and Tony
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