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Social Issues

Exploring social issues through sculptural fashion is the ethos for Sarah Hollebon's work. Fashion is a powerful platform to raise awareness and as a society, we can continue to learn and speak more openly about mental health, moving that one step closer to abolishing the stigmas and the misconceptions.

"I truly believe there will be a day when there is nothing but positive conversation on mental health, I wish to push this for all challenging and uncomfortable subjects." Sarah


Collection Concepts

Each collection explores a social issue topic. Discover how Sarah combines fashion and social issues together



Current and past exhibitions

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Public Speaking

Sarah Hollebon is a professional public speaker. Explore videos and podcasts where Sarah shares her own mental health journey 



Explore campaigns that raise awareness of mental health between Sarah and her collaborators 

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Sarah Speaks

A series of talks where Sarah chats to professionals in the fashion industry about mental health. This series is funded by Time to Change

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New blog posts to explore

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