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Collection Concepts

Each collection is informed by in-depth interviews that Sarah conducts with people
who have lived experience of a social issue, as well as drawing on her own personal


Through this exchange Sarah can gain a deeper understanding of the 
topic while creating a safe and open space for the person to share their experiences.
The interviews play a crucial part when designing each garment for the collections.


Weaving personal stories and experiences into each garment is powerful way to
initiate conversations, create awareness, and further education, all for positive

Click on collections below and discover their deep rooted stories.

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Mental Health

A collection raising awareness of mental health conditions.

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Sexual Violence

Collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Daniela Raytchev


The Series Collection

A series of repurposed garments created from fabric offcuts and vintage clothing raising awareness of mental ill health


Life After Trauma

A collection exploring hope and rebuilding from trauma

Sarah Hollebon_LFW off-schedule_8.jpg

Mental Health Awareness

A mini collection on mental health and trauma, inspired by kintsugi

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