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Miniatures are small sculptures of key garments from Sarah's signature collections. These handmade and intricate miniatures work as artwork in the home or in educational settings, and can offer a conversation on mental health. 

Let's deepen our personal connections with compassion and empathy!

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"Absolutely love my Miniature ! It came with a Certificate of Authenticity. Beautifully made and packaged. Most importantly the message that comes with these unique creations. We need to spread awareness and support “Mental Health.” Thank you so much Sarah Hollebon for creating these Limited Edition Miniatures I will treasure mine forever!"


Handcrafted with


Each miniature comes packaged in a luxury wooden box which can be used for both storage and display.

A certificate of authenticity and A6 synopsis card is included.

Each miniature is numbered, signed, and dated on the soles of the feet.
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"My Miniature Anxiety garment is amazing – it is made to a very high standard and I’ve found it just the right size to be used in my training to provide an explanation as to how it must feel to manage anxiety. Highly recommended as a tool for story telling and conversation starter. Thank you so much Sarah."

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