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Adorn Your Body With Meaning

Asymmetry is Sarah Hollebon’s signature. It is both a strong and soft concept, showing us we can all move through our individual life experiences and manage our ebbs and flows.

Each Sarah Hollebon creation is a time capsule, an heirloom, incorporating hidden messages of well-being, hope, and strength.

Explore the collections and encapsulate yourself in beauty and self-expression today!

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"I purchased my brooch in 2021 as I love the yin and yang concept. Each time I use this accessory differently eg to hold a scarf in place, pinned: to my jacket, on my handbag, or pinned to my hairband when I tie my hair back for the sleek look. This brooch works with an amazing effect, with its clean lines and simple petite design."

Silk Velvet Scarf Range

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" I wore the scarf mainly when at home and it was actually a real comfort during the winter months. I have been wearing it out now that it's a bit warmer and as well as looking smart with everything I wear, I have found it has become a real part of many of my days. The velvet is a great fabric to wear as a scarf because of its softness and luxurious feel."

"I love my scarf, it is precious"


Express and Adorn Yourself!

This one of a kind repurposed leather patchwork jacket has hand sewn skulls encircled with 4 hand embroidered beads. This number of beads represents the statistic, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition this year.


By having just one person or a small group of people we can trust and talk to, who lifts us up in times of need and makes us feel heard, is absolutely vital for our mental health.


Let's continue to talk about mental health and well-being!

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