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The #1 Mother's Day Gift

The Sarah Hollebon brooch is the perfect way to have meaningful conversations this Mother's Day!


"I purchased my brooch in 2021 as I love the yin and yang concept. Each time I use this accessory differently eg to hold a scarf in place, pinned: to my jacket, on my handbag, or pinned to my hairband when I tie my hairback for the sleek look. This brooch works with an amazing effect, with its clean lines and simple petite design."


Each Sarah Hollebon creation is a time capsule, an heirloom, incorporating hidden messages of well-being, hope, and strength

Custom Made to Measure 

Empowering business wear to exceptional statement pieces, Sarah Hollebon celebrates your individuality through skilful tailoring and design. The process for a custom made to measure garment is a unique experience, with you at the centre.


Sarah can also weave your personal story into your design to celebrate your life's experiences. A piece of your history woven within, your garment becomes a true one of a kind.


All garments featured in the Signature Collections can be custom made to measure for you, as well as weaving in any details or vision you have.


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